Jenny Mulcahy

At Home Artist In Residence (AHAIR)
8-12 June, 19-27 June 2020 (last firing finished 28 June), Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island, QLD
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AHAIR Public Program
Revisit Jenny Mulcahy in her home studio! The artist completed an At Home Artist in Residence (AHAIR) project for two weeks over 8-28 June 2020 during COVID restrictions. After some technical difficulties, we have released a video program in which Mulcahy demonstrates and describes her processes for applying decals and adding texture to, and firing glass.

Project Summary
Jenny Mulcahy is working towards a solo exhibition Liminal Space at Umbrella for later in 2020. The work for this show will be comprised of mixed media works including glass, steel and ceramic. The concepts reference the cusp of change the world is on and explores issues such as the extinction of species and the importance of maintaining our water supply. Jenny was initially disappointed with some of the glass component experiments for her exhibition, as they emerged from the kiln with large black rectangles in their centres.
“My first impulse was to bin it but I found myself drawn to the blackness and the reflections of light it contained and put it aside until I had more time to explore the possibilities it offered. This residency will offer the opportunity to explore this blackness in a series of small works referencing extinct and/or endangered plant species and possibly add a further component to my body of work for Liminal Space.”

Jenny and her studio (Click images to see larger)

AHAIR work-in-progress
Week 1 Update
Jenny Mulcahy had to hit pause for a hot minute when her kiln broke down and she was waiting for a new part from interstate. Upon her return, her experimentation in the studio continued: “Chasing the black… The smaller works, having three layers of 2mm glass allowed for experimentation with layering both transparent and opaque decal images as well trying for the blackness associated with tin coatings on the glass pieces. When fired, the smaller works with the three layers, while not producing any black sections (and image burning out!) resulted in a lovely disparity in the text with the colour varying between sepia and black depending upon placement of the layer. In the larger work the black appeared as I had hoped, with the thickness of the glass, combined with tin and opaque decal the cause. Having gained a better understanding of how these materials interact with each other will enable better control over future works. The next lot of tests will further explore the layering of text over formed and textured glass.”

Week 2 update
In reference to the images of the final works (below) from Jenny’s home residency: “I am very grateful to Umbrella Studio and RASN North Queensland for providing me with this opportunity to create a series of experimental works. The knowledge gained during the creation of these works will enable future works of increased complexity.”

The AHAIR program is presented in partnership with the Regional Art Services Network (RASN), North QLD. It is a pivot in response to COVID-19 and our usual Studio Residencies. The program provides opportunities for North Queensland visual artists who have lost income and opportunities as a result of the coronavirus.

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