Sandi Hook

At Home Artist In Residence (AHAIR)
22 June – 5 July 2020, Hermit Park, Townsville, QLD
Read more about the AHAIR program here.

Project Summary
In my previous doctoral exhibition I journeyed to familiar locations to find new boundaries and meanings for place in North and Far North Queensland. My work as an artist is a solitary pursuit, however, when isolation is compulsory, this takes on new meaning. Freedoms to come and go at will are changed to an environment that is restricted or confined. [The body of work created in this residency] will rediscover elements of place in my environment to find newness in the ordinary and everyday aspects of my contained life. For this concept, I am influenced by a specific text Journey Round My Room written in the 19th century by Xavier de Maistre.
My strength is in my drawing and lithographic techniques. I am interested in experimental investigations, developing non-toxic processes, whole stone printing to edges and combining layers of colour and texture. These techniques will form the basis for my artwork.”

Sandi and her studio (Click images to see larger)

AHAIR work-in-progress

Day 5 – “Today I am 2nd etching my second stone and printing the first colour of stone 1. Hopefully it works. I am experimenting with a semi planned image and one of reaction, similar to covid reaction, such as haptic response.”

Video: “First print run on the 1st stone”

On a day in her second week, Sandi’s aim to grain the stone for a transfer image and drawing was thwarted with 2 transfers failing, so Sandi opted to draw the image. The non-linear path of experimentation can lead to unexpected results!

AHAIR Public Program
Date and time TBC


The AHAIR program is presented in partnership with the Regional Art Services Network (RASN), North QLD. It is a pivot in response to COVID-19 and our usual Studio Residencies. The program provides opportunities for North Queensland visual artists who have lost income and opportunities as a result of the coronavirus.

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